A Guide to Using DR CBD Rx

The feedback we often get from people who are new to using CBD oil is that they’re uncertain about how much to take and how frequently.

Very often this is because the amount of CBD oil you need can vary from person to person as well as confusing packaging.  There are lots of variables to take into account – your height, your weight, the severity of your symptoms and how your body reacts to and absorbs the treatment are just some of the factors that can determine how effective CBD is.

Add into the mix that there is a huge selection of different strengths and delivery methods for CBD oil products on the market (some dispensing a more accurate and efficient dosage than others) and it’s understandable that things can get a little confusing.

In a bid to make the process a little clearer, we’ve explained the recommended dosage and frequency of using DR CBD Rx below.

Strength and Dosage of DR CBD Rx Explained

Dr CBD Rx’s Premium CBD Oil Cloud Spray comes in a standard 10ml bottle.

There are three strengths available, each clearly marked with the amount of CBD per 10ml bottle on the packaging.

Most people are more interested in how much CBD they’ll be getting per dose rather than per bottle though, and this is helpfully broken down on the packaging too.

Our policy is to give you clear and understandable information, so we provide the combined amount of oil, the total amount of CBD in the product and very importantly the number of milligrams per spray.

The three strengths and how much CBD you get per spray are detailed in the infographic above.

Which Strength Should You Use?

Unless you have chronic pain or a very advanced condition, we recommend starting on the lowest strength – 500mg per 10ml bottle.

Use two sprays per day, one in the morning and one at night. You can then adjust your dosage, using more or less sprays, according to how you’re feeling and how your symptoms are presenting.

If you don’t notice an improvement within 24 hours, or you find you’re using a 10mg spray more than twice a day then it’s time to move up to the next strength.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Don’t be fooled by brands that offer bigger bottles as, in most cases, the product is not as strong or as accurately dosed as DR CBD Rx. In other words, you may be getting a higher volume of oil, but you won’t be getting as much CBD.

DR CBD Rx has higher concentration of CBD per ml than the majority of its competitors. For example, similarly priced brands offer a top strength of 1200mg, whereas Dr CBD Rx’s highest dosage is more than double this at 2500mg.

And of course, as DR CBD Rx’s unique cloud spray is one of the most exact ways to administer CBD oil.  A very fine mist is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream when sprayed under the tongue.  Our method purposely avoids ingestion (through a pipette) as stomach acid can destroy some of the CBD oil before it has chance to take effect.

DR CBD Rx is one of the only CBD products to be developed by pharmacists and as such we offer full certification on the traceability of our ingredients.

Three flavours are available – citrus, mint and wild berry.

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Harry used the high strength 2500mg (100mg of CBD per spray) to ease the symptoms of his chronic back pain. Read Harry’s story here. 

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