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1. What is CBD and how is it extracted?

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from Cannabis sativa or indica also known as Hemp or Indian hemp, or Marijuana if it contains Tetrahydro-cannabinoids THC.

CBD is currently classed as a food in the EU and also in the UK providing it contains less than 0.2% of THC however, if it contains more it is a controlled drug and procurement, possession or supplying it is an offence under the controlled drugs act (United Kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act 1971) and it is illegal to grow the plant and flowering tops under current law.

For CBD extraction, the flowering tops of the plants are removed using a

specialist combine harvester and these are immediately dried to 8% to prevent fungal growth. Many extraction methods are used, most extractors regard them as proprietary, the main ones are supercritical carbon dioxide where the solvent is liquid carbon dioxide or ethyl alcohol extraction.

Dependent on the finished product more than one method is used and even very sophisticated chromatography is used for purification. The main extracts are called either distillate or Isolate and CBD isolate can be pharmaceutical grade at 99.7% pure with only traces of terpenes and terpenoids.

2. What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is CBD extract that is in either Isolate or Distillate form infused with a carrier oil which is often Hemp oil or MCT (Coconut Oil). The carrier oil affects taste, delivery method and absorption into the blood stream.

CBD Oil is administered orally and sublingually and is delivered through a pipette or through a spray. The thickness of the oil will derive how the oil is delivered under the tongue. A thicker oil reduces the sublingual absorption characteristics typically seen with the pipette delivery mechanism. The effects are similar from a spray that delivers a stream of liquid generally resulting from a thicker oil. The Cloud Spray diffuses the oil into micro droplets that increase the surface area of the oil and improve absorption.

3. What is CBD Isolate and Distillate Oil?

Isolate is the result of a production method which leaves only CBD and when diffused in carrier oil, delivers a very pure CBD 99% which means a CBD oil of a higher purity than a Distillate but without the associated entourage effect.

Distillate is the result a production method which leaves a very wide spectrum of cannabinoids plus terpenes and terpenoids and can have a CBD level from 60% to 90%. A common expression is full spectrum which does not mean anything except CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes are present. There are 115 cannabinoids and they may not all be present but each cannabinoid has proven health benefits.

The main compounds are CBGA, Cannabigerol which is being investigated as a possible treatment for cancer and Glaucoma and CBCA, CBDA, THCA, CBA (Cannabichromine) and CBN.

Cannabis also contains many more valuable compounds, these are called Terpenes and Terpenoids such as Limonene, Myrecene, Alphapinene, Dianalol and Betacaryophyline which all have some medical activity.

4. Is CBD Oil legal?

The growing of Cannabis Sativa or Indica is illegal in the UK however, CBD is legal in the EU and UK and it is legal to import CBD concentrates into the UK for use as a food supplement in oil or capsules etc, providing it contains less than 0.2% THC.

In response to much discussion around the lack of regulation of CBD products in the UK, the Home Office Factsheet released a factsheet on 16th August 2019 giving guidance on CBD and other cannabinoids.  They indicated that, in their view, it is likely that any CBD products containing THC – even a trace, will be considered a controlled drug. DR CBD Rx products are all 0% THC and are compliant with all Home Office guidelines.

  1. Can I get ‘high’ on CBD oil?

CBD oil does not produce a high, as it has less than 0.2% of the psychoactive ­tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol (THC).

  1. Can I still drive after taking CBD oil?

Yes, you can take CBD oil and still legally drive.

It is important to be aware of your own reactions to CBD prior to driving as some people may experience drowsiness or other mild side effects which may impair your driving ability therefore, it is advised to be mindful of this and to take precautionary measures if this is the case.  The UK limit of THC is 0.2% and therefore it is not an illegally classified product and its effects are not intoxicating.  DR CBD Rx products contain 0% THC.

  1. Will CBD oil show up in a drug test?

CBD is unlikely to show on a drugs test if the CBD oil conforms to UK and EU regulations and contains no more than 0.2%THC as part of its formulation. Some drug tests can detect the presence of THC however it is unlikely that CBD oil used as a food supplement would fail a standard drug test. It is advised to seek advice from the office or organisation conducting the drug test for further clarification.  DR CBD Rx products contain 0% THC in their formulations.

  1. Is it possible to take too much or overdose on CBD oil?

No, it would be extremely difficult to take so much CBD oil that it caused an overdose as each compound formulation can only legally contain up to 0.2% THC which is suspended in a carrier oil.  DR CBD Rx products contain 0% THC.

It is important to remember that CBD oil is classified as a food supplement in the UK and we would recommend that it is thought of and taken in a similar way to other dietary nutrients. Getting the dosage right is important to give the best daily support and taking an excess amount will not give an increased benefit.

  1. How does DR CBD Rx cloud spray work?

The Cloud Spray delivers the dose into the buccal mucosa as a fine spray with a droplet size of less than 1 micron. This gives a very wide coverage of small droplets that are very easily and rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. This means you will absorb up to 100% of the CBD very quickly.

In contrast, pipette oil systems and oil spray systems that deliver a stream rather than a diffusion, deliver one or a number of large droplets that aggregate before they can be absorbed. The result is significantly less CBD absorbed sublingually due to the lack of dispersion and significantly thicker carrier oil limits the surface area coverage of the buccal mucosa. The lack of absorption can also result in the oil being swallowed where even less is absorbed.

The Cloud Spray technology delivers the most absorption of CBD into the blood stream of any product on the market and ensures you are absorbing as much of what you are paying for as is possible. Value for money comes from how much CBD you get per dose and how much of the dose you absorb. Sublingual absorption. Sublingual, meaning literally ‘under the tongue’ refers to a method of administering substances via the mouth in such a way that the substances are rapidly absorbed via the blood vessels under the tongue rather than via the digestive tract.

10. How do I use DR CBD Rx Cloud Spray?

  • Take the bottle and ensure the spray outlet is facing you.
  • Lift your tongue and spray underneath the tongue – sublingually.
  • Relax the tongue and hold for 15-20 seconds.

If cloud spray has not been used or been inactive for a while then it may be necessary to prime the pump 2-3 times to get a full cloud spray mist of 200 microlitres.

11. How do I know how much CBD is in each dose of DR CBD Rx?

The amount of CBD in each dosage is determined by the volume of the pump in the sprayer. DR CBD Rx delivers a guaranteed 200 microlitres, meaning we can create dosages of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 milligrams per spray actuation.

DR CBD Rx policy on labelling is to give clear and understandable information as to what is purchased. We provide the combined amount of oil, the total amount of CBD in the product and very importantly the number of milligrams per spray actuation. Our labelling also shows the % strength dosage on the front of each pack.

This controlled dosing method is delivered through a mechanical pump technology, combined with a very highly specified product that delivers the fineness of spray that is unique to DR CBD Rx.

DR CBD Rx is the only product on the market than can guarantee dose control to this accuracy. Finally, the absorption of the product into the blood stream is maximised through the sub lingual Cloud Spray mechanism.

  1. What dosage should I take?

Dosage control has to be controlled consistently by the delivery mechanism in order to enable the user to knowingly manage their intake.
Dosage is also derived by the amount ingested which if used correctly should be up to 100% of each spray.

The recommended dosage is self-derived however, the guidance we would offer, based on anecdotal evidence, is that 40mg and upwards per day seems to be effective.

13. How should I store DR CBD Rx cloud spray?

Keep out of sight and reach of children Store in a cool dry place

  1. What flavours are available from DR CBD Rx?

Following considerable market testing across a range of products, results confirm our belief that flavourings support effective use of CBD Oil.

All our flavourings comply with FSA standards and are only present to support the taste enjoyment of our product.

We have 3 flavours in our range:

  • Citrus
  • Mint
  • Wild Berries
  1. What is the quality standard of DR CBD Rx Cloud Spray?

The policy of DR CBD Rx is to offer products which have been manufactured to the highest standards and tests. Our products are formulated by a British Pharmaceutical Association registered Pharmacist. We provide clear labelling describing the product exactly and without trying to mislead our customers about strength volumes and amounts of CBD contained in the product.

16. Where is the product sourced, has it been tested by a 3rd Party Lab and what’s the supply chain?

The cannabis is grown in Oregon in the United States by our supply partner under current Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) rules. Good Agricultural Practice dictates that a quality control system needs to be documented and audited in practice. The plant is the suppliers own hybrid, 0% in THC and high in CBD, making it suitable for sale in the UK.

Cannabis plants are very susceptible to fungi and mould so the crop should be examined frequently, especially at harvest. The plant is susceptible to the absorption of fumes from car exhausts and more seriously, diesel truck fumes. The grower should document which herbicides are used on the crop and test for these and also which pesticides have been used as there are limits of these which could result in failure of the crop, ideally the crop should be grown organically.

Throughout the organic growth process there is a constant check on the absence of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals ensuring a consistent and high quality crop. Given the criticality of moisture content post harvesting the crop is immediately dried down to 8% moisture to prevent the growth of yeast, moulds and fungi.

The flowering tops are then extracted using either alcohol solvent extraction or Supercritical C02 to form either an Isolate (99% plus % of CBD making it a pharmaceutical) or a Distillate (contains from 60 plus % CBD with the rest being a range of the 115 available cannabinoids) which also have pharmaceutical activity.

The final release test is conducted by our partners in house laboratories and because the CBD is going to cross state lines, an American FDA approved Laboratory (Juniper Analytics – http://www.juniperanalyticsllc.com/ ) retests the product and issues a new Certificate of Analysis.

At DR CBD Rx we are interested in the amount of solvent residues as we require this to be as low as possible and also, the amount of different cannabinoids which have been extracted as we require the THC cannabinoid to be 0% for the UK.

The percentage of CBD within the concentrate has to be understood in order to ensure the correct dosing in every batch produced. On arrival at UK customs, the customs officers may require further testing to prove the absence or level of THC.

The percentage of CBD within the concentrate has to be understood in order to ensure the correct dosing in every batch produced.
On arrival at UK customs, the customs officers may require further testing to prove the absence or level of THC.

DR CBD Rx prides itself on a very transparent supply chain. The raw materials we use come directly from a company which works to ISO 9001 and GMP standards to ensure the products are of the highest standards. Our raw material supplier is also a member of the ‘Association for the Cannabis Industry’ and will be going through the novel foods process to ensure their products can be sold legally in the UK and EU.

Production is completed within an ISO class 7 clean room and we work to strict HACCP standards. We are also a member of the ‘Association for the Cannabis Industry’ and work to ensure everything we do is in line with the ACI to ensure we are a legal and compliant CBD food supplement company.

17. Does the Product Contain 0.2% THC or less?

The UK limit of THC is 0.2% however DR CBD Rx products contain 0% THC and are fully compliant with recent Home Office guidelines.  All laboratory testing confirms this criteria has been adhered to and our products always comply.

18. What ingredients are used in the product?

The formulation of the product is kept very simple and very clean so as not to add in toxins or unnecessary chemicals. DR CBD Rx is a Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, flavoured with a natural based food grade nature identical flavour and a carrier oil.

19. What type of CBD is being used in the product?

DR CBD Rx uses both Distillate and Isolate extracts. Each DR CBD Rx product clearly identifies whether an isolate or distillate is included. The consumer can choose which product they prefer

20. How was the CBD extracted?

The manufacturing process uses both Supercitical CO2 extraction and Alcohol solvent extraction. Both methods are considered to create high quality products if the process is controlled.

21. Supplier guarantee

The source company is approved by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration)


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