Do You Have One of the Top 20 Most Stressful Jobs in the World?

Everybody experiences stress at some point in their lives and for most people, work is a huge contributor. According to recent studies, over 40% of UK residents of working age are on the verge of ‘burnout’, with two thirds of those blaming their job for the issue.

Workload, culture, bullying, worrying about performance, job security, pay and poor working conditions are just some of the things that can cause us to become stressed about work.

Tom Chapman, the pharmacist behind DR CBD Rx says, “Certain people are naturally more able than others to cope with the strains of their job and, of course, some jobs are simply more high-pressured.

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“It’s important to remember that when pressure from work starts to have a negative effect on your life outside of the office, you need to take steps to mitigate it.”

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But which jobs have actually been listed as the top 20 most stressful jobs in the world?

According to career website Career Addict, if you have one of these careers, it’s worth monitoring how your job affects your mental and physical health.


  1. Military Personnel – it’s understandable that living in a warzone and the real risk of injury or death results in many military personnel suffering from psychological problems when they return home.
  2. Firefighter – Not knowing how dangerous a fire is yet still running towards it to save lives must surely take a toll on your mental health.
  3. Airline Pilot – The pay is fantastic but being solely responsible for hundreds of passengers and crew, plus travelling long-haul for days at a time can be extremely stressful.
  4. Police Officer – Putting their lives on the line and dealing with life threatening situations to keep the public safe on a daily basis.
  5. Event Coordinator – You think running your own party is stressful? Try being responsible for someone else’s! The pressure to make everything perfect can be extremely stressful for the person in charge.
  6. Reporter – Tight deadlines, pressure to publish stories first and not knowing where you’ll be from one day to the next make life as a reporter a tough job but for many it’s a vocation rather than just a means to an end.
  7. Broadcaster – Assertiveness is a must in this role if you’re to hold your own in an interview or breaking news situation. You’ll also need to be a good public speaker, who’s able to handle tricky situations – all while broadcasting live!
  8. PR Executive – managing the reputation of an entire company and putting your faith in journalists to cover a story. You work long hours to secure the best coverage and heighten their visibility. And when crisis strikes, you’re there to pick up the pieces.
  9. Senior Corporate Officer – Making it to the highest step of the ladder in your company undoubtedly comes with its challenges. Being the go-to person for important decisions and responsible for everything running smoothly can take its toll on your levels of calm.
  10. Taxi Driver – Drunkards, rude passengers, crazy drivers, rush hour traffic and bad weather. Need we say more?
  11. Surgeon – Literally having someone’s life in your hands is the definition of workplace stress.
  12. Lawyer – Lawyers have to be made of tough stuff. Long hours and the pressure to succeed can leave many feeling burnt out at some point in their career.
  13. Bartender – Being the only sober one at the party, dealing with drunken, sometimes aggressive, customers and the long hours can make bar tending a very tense profession.
  14. Paramedic – Being a paramedic is an extremely stressful job – you don’t know where you’ll be from one minute to the next and you never know what you will face when you attend an emergency.
  15. IT Manager – Being in charge of an entire company’s IT systems can cause a lot of strain, especially now society is so reliant on computer systems working properly.
  16. Social Worker – Social workers care for people from all walks of life, whether that be the elderly, vulnerable children, people who are sick, or those with mental health problems. The late nights and long shifts are bound to affect your life outside of work.
  17. Mental Health Counsellor – Heavy workloads and trying not to take work home can often result in counsellors dealing with mental health issues themselves.
  18. Telephone Operator –dealing with angry customers all day, whilst trying to hit unrealistic targets can put a real strain on your well-being.
  19. Teacher – Although it is an incredibly rewarding job, teaching does not come without its challenges. Many work lots out of hours at home to ensure their students’ work is marked and all the lessons plans are completed.
  20. Sports Referee – unfortunately lots of referees experience verbal abuse and even death threats, all for just having to decide penalties and judge winners.


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