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/Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Ruth Murrell

Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Ruth Murrell

I would certainly recommend this to any woman who is going through the menopause, as well as those who suffer from anxiety and depression or struggle to get to sleep at night.

Name, Age: Ruth Murrell, 49

Strength / Flavour: 1000mg Citrus

Using CBD for: Psoriasis, menstrual cramps, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

With night sweats, mood swings, sore joints, insomnia and restless legs, there wasn’t a moment in the day where Ruth, 49, felt truly comfortable as she struggled to cope with the symptoms of menopause.

Night-time was especially bad. Three years ago, Ruth lost a close friend in the Manchester Arena bombing and was also injured in the attack. She had frequent flashbacks, especially at night, which amplified the night sweats she was experiencing due to the menopause.

Unable to take HRT due to both her sister and mother having had breast cancer, Ruth had to search for alternatives to try and ease the symptoms. She found a ‘cure’ in DR CBD Rx.

Discovering DR CBD Rx

“I started with menopause symptoms a few years ago. You read stories in magazines but for me nothing could prepare me for how dreadful I would feel both mentally and physically.

“The night sweats were the worst, and coupled with my flashbacks from the bombing, I began to dread laying my head down at night. I would sit up for hours with my own dark thoughts, sweating and tossing and turning until the morning. This had a knock on effect to my daily life, I was constantly exhausted and struggling to come to terms with what I thought was the ‘new me’.

“Having worked as a pharmacy technician, I was well educated about all sorts of natural remedies to help alleviate the problems I was experiencing because of the menopause. I tried everything I could – sage tablets and red clover to help me in the day, and sleeping tablets to help me rest at night, but I was still aching, depressed and fatigued with the lack of sleep I was getting.

“My friend told my about a CBD product that she herself had successfully used to help with the menopause. I wasted no time in getting hold of a bottle for myself. I went for the medium strength, as I felt that my symptoms were quite severe, and after just a few days I noticed a difference.

“I take one or two sprays in the morning, and during the day I’m a different person! I feel more relaxed both physically and mentally. My knees, elbows and hips no longer constantly ache, my mood swings have vanished and my anxiety has almost completely lifted despite having quite a lot going on in my life at the moment.

“I feel like myself again. In fact, I feel better than I’ve felt in years.”

“The real test came at night – and I’ve not been disappointed! I take one or two sprays at 8pm before I start winding down at night and come bedtime, I am totally in a state of relaxation that I’ve not felt since before the attack. I can get to sleep without feeling anxious or having any flashbacks which is an absolute godsend, and I wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

“The night sweats have gone from occurring almost every night to maybe once every two weeks. I can’t believe how well it has worked!”

Why Dr CBD Rx

“DR CBD Rx is a little bottle of hope that has completely changed the way that I live and given me back my quality of life. I’ve stopped taking all of my other vitamins because the CBD oil has completely cured my aches and pains. I’m able to enjoy the little things in life again without snapping into a mood swing or having a constant feeling of anxiety looming overhead.

“I would certainly recommend this to any woman who is going through the menopause, as well as those who suffer from anxiety and depression or struggle to get to sleep at night. It’s not a cure for the symptoms of menopause but it’s the closest thing that I’ll get without being able to take HRT, and the side effects have been an added bonus that I now couldn’t live without.”


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