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/Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Rob Wiper

Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Rob Wiper

“It 100 per cent works. I’m finally enjoying my retirement.”

During a hugely successful career spanning four decades, 65-year-old Rob Wiper from Adlington, Cheshire, held the position of CEO at numerous £multimillion companies.  He took most things in his stride, yet his phobia of flying and anxiety at airports caused huge issues over the years. And even more so when he retired.

Rob was wary about taking CBD oil to ease his flight phobia and even consulted his GP about DR CBD Rx to ensure it was safe. With the doctor’s reassurance and a trip to Gran Canaria on the horizon, he began using the 1000mg cloud spray twice a day.

The effects were instant! And after just a few weeks of using DR CBD Rx, Rob boarded his flight to the Canaries without any problems. His conclusion on using DR CBD Rx for flight related anxiety is that: “It 100 per cent works!”

Name, Age: Rob Wiper, 65

Strength / Flavour: 1000mg Wild Berries
Using CBD for:
Travel anxiety

Dosage: Two sprays per day (100mg per day)

Discovering DR CBD Rx

“I’ve never been a good flyer. I had to travel a lot when I was working and always found it stressful. Handing my safety over to somebody else and having no control over my life for a given number of hours was something I really struggled with.

“For work, it was something I had to get on with, but when I retired things really came to a head. My wife and I were lucky enough to have the time and financial stability to go on holiday more often, but my anxiety about travelling meant I was never able to enjoy it.

“As soon as I stepped into the airport, I would feel the tension rising. I became snappy and irritable and was basically not very pleasant to be around until I was safely back on the ground.

“Being on holiday wasn’t a relaxing experience either, as my mind would be dwelling on the journey home rather than switching off and enjoying the break.”

Why Dr CBD Rx

“We had a holiday planned to Gran Canaria earlier this year and as usual I was dreading the flight. My daughter had been taking DR CBD Rx for her migraines and recommended that I try it.

“To be completely honest, I was unsure about taking it. I knew nothing about CBD oil, so I visited my GP to get more information about the safety and any side effects. He was very reassuring and explained how it works and that it had no contraindications with my array of medications.

“Straight away I felt less tense, so I was confident that it would work when I travelled, but obviously the big test was going to the airport. I continued to use the spray in the run up to our trip and really noticed a difference in how I was feeling. Usually a few days before a flight, I’d start to feel anxious but for once I was just looking forward to the holiday.

“It 100% works!

“I am so pleased that I have finally found something that is easing my mind and reducing my anxiety. This means my wife and I, as well as my growing family with us now having four grandchildren can enjoy many holidays in the future without any worries attached.”


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