Case Study

/Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Hannah Collins

Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Hannah Collins

“It’s the little miracle bottle that’s changed my life!”

Name, Age: Hannah Collins, 22

Strength / Flavour: 500mg Wild Berries

Using CBD for: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hannah Collins, 22, has been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since she was just thirteen years old. Having missed endless lessons while she was in school, Hannah found herself missing out on some of the best years of her life as a third-year fine art student at Leeds Arts University. As the stresses of life got on top of her, she was living with frequent and severe panic attacks, that could last for days at a time.

After trying DR CBD Rx for two months Hannah is turning her life around, she’s finally able to enjoy socialising again, and hasn’t had problems since!

Growing up with Anxiety

“When I was growing up and my hormones started to change, I struggled to deal with the pressure of school. At thirteen, I had the usual girl problems with friends but, mixed with the stress of looming exams, I started to really worry about going into school. In sixth form, it got dramatically worse, and I missed a lot of lessons. The panic of A-Levels made me so emotional that I would just sit and cry in the common rooms. This developed into something even worse. I felt overwhelmed and was throwing up at the thought of leaving the house in the morning.

“At this point I started to see a therapist who helped me learn to control the fears and cope with my feelings towards exam time. Once they were out of the way, the stress went too and I enjoyed my summer as if nothing had ever happened.

“Four years on, in my final year at university, I’m having to think about really serious things like getting a job and a house organised once this year is over. In November, with half a year to go until my final hand in, I had my first panic attack in five years. It was just before going out for the night with my close friends. My heart started to pound in my chest and I felt physically sick, unable to catch my breath properly and convinced that if I left the house something dreadful was going to happen to me. I stayed at home while my friends went out, and since then I’ve not been the same.

“It’s called de-personalisation. I started to question everything that went on around me and had a constant fear that bad things would happen if I went out to carry on with my normal life. I didn’t feel like things were real anymore, and I would often have a panic attack before having to leave my house.

“In January, I surprised my boyfriend, Seb with a weekend away to Fuerta Ventura for his 21st birthday. When we got to our room, we unpacked and he was desperate to go and explore. I tried to make excuses not to leave the room. I felt really pressured not to ruin his birthday, but I could feel my body going into meltdown with the thought of going outside in a foreign city. I pulled myself together, but once we were out it didn’t get much better. I had to stand outside while he browsed around shops, taking deep breaths and trying hard not to throw up on the spot.

“Seb was very supportive, but nothing he could say would make things better for me. The rest of the weekend I tried hard to enjoy myself and let my hair down, but as soon as we got home, I frantically searched for something that would help control my negative thoughts and feelings so that I could enjoy my life again.”

“My friend was telling me about how CBD had helped reduce her travel anxiety over Christmas, and when I got home I did a little more research. I stumbled across DR CBD Rx online, and a few days later the pocket-sized bottle came through my door.

“Feeling bogged down with coursework, I tried it straight away and continued to use the spray every morning from then on. After a couple of days, I realised that I was feeling a lot less tense. I felt progressively better and was even excited about going to the pub with friends at the weekend! I enjoyed being out, and for the first time in months I didn’t have a dark feeling that something horrible would happen to me when I was out – I felt free!

“The stress of life still goes on, but DR CBD Rx has helped me to cope with it all. I had a party for my birthday in March and wasn’t anxious about having people over. My relationship with Seb and my friends has improved because I can spend more time doing fun things with them and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.

“It’s the little miracle bottle that’s changed my life!”


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