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/Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Georgina Punter

Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Georgina Punter

“I felt like a new person – it was fantastic!”

Name, Age: Georgina Punter, 36
Strength / Flavour: 2500mg Wild Berries
Using CBD for: 
Tarlov Cyst Disease

For the past few years, Georgina has been plagued by the symptoms of Tarlov Cysts as well as battling with anxiety and insomnia. The rare disease causes fluid-filled sacs to build up at the nerve roots, especially near the base of the spine which can be extremely uncomfortable for those affected. Georgina had to give up her job two years ago because she was in so much agony and has been searching for something to relieve the pain ever since.

Georgina’s Story

Being a mother of two boys, now aged 19 and 20, Georgina used to lead a very active lifestyle full of twist and turns. But, due to the ever-growing pain, her life had taken a drastic change.

With a daily intake of painkillers reaching a worrying level, Georgina began to search for alternative healing methods. After hours of research on the internet, she learned of the healing benefits of CBD and decided to give it a go.

“For the past two years, I’ve been battling with crippling symptoms of Tarlov Cysts. Having to stop working was a difficult decision to make, but the constant stabbing pain that I was experiencing in my back had become so severe that I just couldn’t function in a working environment anymore.

“I was exhausted, frustrated and on a dose of painkillers that was knocking me out but not really having much effect on my symptoms. I was reading a lot on the internet about CBD products and how they were changing people’s lives with their healing properties. Having suffered from migraines all my life too, I was hopeful that it would be worth giving CBD a go to treat more than one of my ailments.

“I’ve tried various CBD products in various different forms, but I found a lot of them to be fiddly and wasn’t keen on the taste or smell. I was noticing slight improvements, but nothing was really touching the surface like I had hoped it would.”

Georgina continues about how she discovered DR CBD Rx:

“Still hopeful that it was something that could make a difference and improve my quality of life, I heard about a new brand, DR CBD Rx. This one was different to any other CBD products that I had tried – it was a simple, compact cloud spray that came in different flavours. With nothing to lose, I ordered the highest strength in “Wild Berries” flavour, and a couple of days later I was holding the bottle in my hand, ready to give it a try.

“With the first spray, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to take as well as its fresh flavour. It didn’t leave a horrible after-taste like all of the other products that I had used in the past.

“Within the first couple of days I noticed a difference. The stabbing pains in my nerves started to reduce and I felt that I had more energy than I did before. I felt like a new person – it was fantastic!

“DR CBD Rx has been the most effective CBD product that I’ve tried, and I’m ordering more as we speak! I would highly recommend this product for anyone that suffers from chronic pains, anxiety or insomnia.

“It’s easy to use, it tastes great, and it works.”


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