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/Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Becki Rogerson

Dr CBD Rx Case Study: Becki Rogerson

“I’ve seen hundreds of specialists and taken a cocktail of different types of medication to try and manage the attacks, but nothing has worked as well as this!”

Name, Age: Becki Rogerson, 33
Strength / Flavour: 2500mg Wild Berries
Using CBD for: 

Discovering DR CBD Rx

Becki Rogerson was sixteen when she had her first migraine. During a normal day at home she suddenly lost vision in both eyes – a terrifying experience that came out of the blue and lasted for over three hours.

Doctors ran tests and pinpointed the cause to be an ocular migraine, a condition that affects around 1 in every 200 people in the UK. Becki was shaken by the episode and pleased that the cause of her temporary sight loss didn’t appear to be serious. Unfortunately, worse was to come.

Over the course of the next decade, Becki’s migraines increased in frequency and the severity of her symptoms became much worse. She would regularly lose her vision, coupled with ‘ice pick’ headaches and other worrying symptoms that meant she was unable to do anything apart from lying in a quiet, dark room until the episode passed. Each attack could last up to 24 hours and living a ‘normal’ life became extremely difficult, worsened by the fact that there was no apparent pattern or trigger that brought on the attacks.

After years of disappointment seeking treatment from the NHS, Becki visited a private doctor who found that she was suffering from a rare and extreme type of migraine. So called Hemiplegic migraines can cause changes to vision, speech and sensation often presenting symptoms similar to those of a stroke.

Despite the diagnosis doctors seemed unable to find a reliable medication to prevent her attacks, she took various different drugs to stop her symptoms, but mostly they were only effective if she caught the onset of a migraine in time.

Becki suffered terrible migraines at the births of both of her children and also on her wedding day where again she was temporarily blinded by a migraine until the moment she walked down the aisle. But it was an attack that left her hospitalised and unable to see for over 8 hours that led her to try Dr CBD Rx in desperation.

The outcome has been ‘life-changing!’ and three months in, Becki is still migraine free and very slowly it is giving her back the peace of mind that she hasn’t had since her early teens.

Becki said: “Throughout my twenties, I was having at least one debilitating migraine per month. I would totally lose my vision, coupled with the most excruciating headaches and other quite scary symptoms like slurring my words and my face drooping on one side. I often vomited multiple times too.

“Almost every milestone in my life has been clouded by migraines. On my wedding day, as I was getting ready at my parent’s housel, I felt my vision begin to go and I just thought ‘please not today’! I totally lost my sight and my brother had to do a 30-minute round trip back to my house to pick up my medication. Luckily, he got back before the migraine really took hold, but I still only got my sight back as I began to walk down the aisle.

“I had migraines at the births of both of my children, which was also hugely traumatic. Imagine having gone through all the pain of labour as well as the emotions that you experience at that time, then losing your sight and going into further pain for another 24 hours. It was agony, but the worse bit was missing those valuable first hours with my new baby.

“As I entered my early thirties my migraines appeared to be getting worse, rather than better. Also, as I’m in a different phase of my life where these attacks are more dangerous – since having children I’ve had some really scary moments.

“I remember being alone at a play centre with the kids, we were miles away from home and suddenly I couldn’t see anything. I really struggled to get them back to the car and lock us all in so we were safe, then we had to wait until my vision returned.

“But the most recent attack I had was the worst – my husband had to call an ambulance and I had to go into hospital as my sight still hadn’t returned 8 hours later. I was constantly being sick; I couldn’t talk, and the pain was that bad I was rocking and whimpering and couldn’t let go of my head. It sounds like a cliché, but the pain was worse than childbirth!

“After this attack, I went to see my doctor again and I was referred to yet another specialist, but the NHS decline my appointment, before I even managed to see someone, because they classed my attacks as not ‘severe enough’.

“I was astounded. That was when I thought ‘enough is enough’. I was desperate! I’d heard about taking CBD for migraines and I have to say I wasn’t convinced about how effective it would be. I’d tried every medication under the sun, and nothing had worked.

“I opted for the highest strength, spraying two to three times a day and three months in, I’m still migraine free.

“Just to put that into context, I haven’t gone this long without migraines for at least six years.

“I’m nervous about saying that DR CBD Rx has cured my condition, but the early signs are extremely positive,” says Becki. “Before taking Dr CBD Rx, I had been having at least one migraine a month and to go three months without one was unheard of. So, from my point of view – it’s working!

“I’ve seen hundreds of specialists and taken a cocktail of different types of medication to try and manage the attacks, but nothing has worked as well as this.

“It has literally been life-changing!”


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