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As with all things, the best proof that something works is to speak to someone who’s experienced it. At DR CBD Rx we’re always keen to hear how our CBD Cloud Spray oils have helped and which condition or problem they may have helped with.

We believe our products are the best, most consistent and give accurate dosing and we’re proud to showcase some of our case studies to demonstrate how good they really are.

Here we have a number of case studies from individuals who have tried and tested DR CBD Rx to help with a variety of issues including anxiety, chronic pain, sleeplessness and general wellbeing. Everyone’s story is unique and for most, DR CBD Rx is the first CBD product they have tried. All these individuals have used our products for their own unique issue, and they would like to share their story to demonstrate how it may help you too.

If you would like to share your story, please contact us and we would be pleased to hear how DR CBD Rx has helped you.

“DR CBD Rx is a little bottle of hope that has completely changed the way that I live and given me back my quality of life.”

With night sweats, mood swings, sore joints, insomnia and restless legs, there wasn’t a moment in the day where Ruth, 49, felt truly comfortable as she struggled to cope with the symptoms of menopause…

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“It’s the little miracle bottle that’s changed my life!”

Hannah Collins, 22, has been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since she was just thirteen years old. Having missed endless lessons while she was in school, Hannah found herself missing out on some of the best years of her life as a third-year fine art student in Leeds. As the stresses of life got on top of her…

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“I’ve been suffering with excruciating pain for years and this is the only thing that has helped in all this time.”

A hard-working dad of four from Dalry Ayrshire, Garry Friels has been a site foreman on the iconic Forth Bridge for the past five years. Often working up to 90-100 hours per week in such a physically demanding position, it’s no wonder the 50-year-old damaged the ligament in his knee just over 12 months ago.

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“I felt like a new person – it was fantastic!”

For the past few years, Georgina has been plagued by the symptoms of Tarlov Cysts as well as battling with anxiety and insomnia. The rare disease causes fluid-filled sacs to build up at the nerve roots…

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“I’ve seen hundreds of specialists and taken a cocktail of different types of medication to try and manage the attacks, but nothing has worked as well as this!”

Becki Rogerson was sixteen when she had her first migraine. During a normal day at home she suddenly lost vision in both eyes – a terrifying experience that came out of the blue and lasted for over three hours…

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“I’ve felt much calmer and more relaxed, and that’s meant a huge improvement in the bedroom. I’m more in the mood for sex.”

Grace Cole, 22, from Bristol is the latest DR CBD Rx customer to have her life transformed by our cloud spray…

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“It 100 per cent works. I’m finally enjoying my retirement.”

During a hugely successful career spanning four decades, 65-year-old Rob Wiper from Adlington, Cheshire, held the position of CEO at numerous £multimillion companies.  He took most things in his stride, yet his phobia of flying and anxiety at airports caused huge issues over the years. And even more so when he retired…

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“I’ve just experienced my first pain free week in three decades”

Chronic bouts of pain, sometimes targeted to specific body parts and at other times all over his body, caused years of misery for Brian and his family…

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“It’s an absolute miracle!”

Harry is a self-proclaimed CBD oil sceptic, but his assessment of using DR CBD Rx to treat chronic back pain is that it’s nothing short of a ‘miracle’..

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“It worked! I couldn’t believe it!”

Suffering with severe psoriasis for more than a decade had caused 52-year-old Tracy’s self-esteem to reach an all-time low. The autoimmune condition, which brings out itchy, red and scaly patches of skin was extremely painful…

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“I was emotionally and physically burnt out.”

Life can be overwhelming at the best of times, but it all became too much for 36-year-old John Armriding, when his long-term partner was diagnosed with cancer. John was working long hours, travelling hundreds of miles …

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