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DR CBD Rx has a unique background. All our products have been originated by Tom Chapman, a recognised UK British Pharmaceutical Association (BPA) Pharmacist, who specialises in plant extracts for medical use, and also has a PHD in Chinese medicine.

Our pharmaceutical heritage is reflected in our brand name and stands for Doctor (DR), Cannabidiol (CBD), Prescription (Rx).

Our range is meticulously formulated to pharmaceutical standards, using his expertise and dedication. We use only the highest quality ingredients and ensure all our products are tested and clearly labelled, showing strength levels and ingredients to make choosing the right product as easy as possible.

It’s our belief that our range should be easy to understand, simple to use, free from unnecessary ingredients and provide precise dose control that is fast-acting.

Our products come in a spray format which has a unique and accurate way of dosing the CBD oil through a fine mist of particles under the tongue. The result is it’s absorbed very quickly and is extremely fast-acting.

With our combination of expert knowledge from Tom Chapman, the quality ingredients used in our products and our innovative spray system that gives the user complete control over their dosage, we believe DR CBD Rx products are the best CBD oil products available.


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